r e v i e w s

...or as I like to call them...

love letters.

To me, when a client writes me a review, I feel as though I'm reading a love letter from a near + dear friend. I'll freely admit to crying over sweet words from friends before. 

Here are a few of my friends (or as some might say, "clients") and their sweet words about my work. 

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You see, the thing about Evelyn Grace Photos is this: Evie is full of light and love and she has a gift to encapsulate the beauty of any moment she is a part of. She's the one you should choose, hands down, for every single milestone in your life. You won't regret it.


Three words: BOOK. THIS. GIRL. If my fiancé, Miles, and I were asked to describe our experience with Evie in one word we agreed we’d say: MAGICAL. The entire process was enchanting and unlike anything we’ve ever been a part of.

I don’t know how she does it, but Evie was so responsive from beginning to end – I am a firm believer on timeliness and effort and Evie checked both boxes. I’m certain she had several other projects/clients going on at the same time but she kept us a priority and made us feel important. She cares. Using the word “clients” actually puts a bitter taste in my mouth because I guarantee your relationship with Evie will evolve into a long-lasting friendship like ours has.


If you know Evie personally, before looking at a single photo of hers, you already know you will like her work. Her upbeat spirit is contagious and so admirable. Her confidence and spunk allows her to fearlessly pursue her creative ideas and encourage you to follow along as she does her thing to tell your story! Her images are consistent in style and always beautiful in emotion and heart.