my vision + my approach

cliff notes: relax. be YOU.

Here's my heart...

I want to be so much more than a photographer. I’m your right hand woman. From the minute you book to the minute you get your final gallery, I’m in your corner. What do you need from me? What can I take off your plate? How can I help with the wedding/shoot planning? I send follow-up emails with tips, tricks, help, advice, and just seeing where you are and how I can help. I’m here to serve you. I tell my brides to consider me a second maid of honor. Whatever you need, I gotchu.

You need coffee morning of the wedding? I’ll bring it. Want me to grab you a glass of champagne while your hair’s getting done? I gotchu. Your grandma needs her lipstick touched up before family photos? On it. I’ll fix the dress if it looks crooked, I’ll tell you to fix your hair if it’s in your face, and I’ll let you know if the makeup’s getting smudged. I’m in your corner.

The last thing I want a single client to feel is disconnected from me as the photographer. This isn't just a client/professional relationship for me. My heart is to become friends with you. I want to hear your stories. I want to laugh with you, joke, run, be weird right alongside y'all. I'm friends with almost all of my clients, and that's what melts my butter.

To me, this isn't about a "job" or another date on my calendar. This is about friends, real people, real stories, unique relationships, and weird quirks. I want to see the real, the raw, the authentic. The precious + the weird. I'll set down my camera for good if I ever ask you to do an awkward prom pose. I want to see the unconfined movement, the unfiltered interactions, the unscripted moments, the uninhibited laughter.

If this makes you fist pump with a “heck YAS” then we’re gonna get along great. Slide into my inbox, boo, cuz this is gonna get GOOD!!!