2019 Travel Schedule


Honestly? I'm always packing my bags.

...jumping in the car, hopping on a plane...


I may be based in California, but I'm always traveling. (My bags are always packed + ready to go. FO REAL.) Because a good chunk of my work is destination and involves a lot of travel, I've created a travel schedule to show where I'll be + when (based on current bookings.) This travel schedule is growing + changing weekly as I’m booking up 2019! Keep checking back for the latest updates!!!

2019 Travel Schedule

January 22-25 // Maui, Hawaii

Feb 2-5 // Ventura, CA

February 5-11 // Austin, TX

March 22-30 // Zion National Park, UT

April 16-18 // Big Sur, CA

April 26-28 // Sacramento, CA

April 29-May 1 // Santa Cruz, CA

May 3-9 // Los Angeles, CA

May 30 - June 4 // Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

June 4-7 // Oahu, HI

June 13-16 // Panama City, Panama

June 21-23 // Malibu, CA

July 9-11 // Kauai, HI

July 30-August 2 // Oahu, HI

August 2-4 // San Jose, CA

August 9-12 // Seattle, WA

October 11-13 // Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park, CO

October 18-20 // Malibu, CA

If you live in or near any of these areas and want to MAKE SOME MAGIC, feel free to reach out!
Or if you don't see your own location on this list but want me to capture your love story... seriously, SLIDE INTO MY INBOX! I'm always adding new locations to my travel schedule + I'd LOVE to add you!!!


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