Ryan + Dani / by Evie Rupp

Within the first two emails, Dani + I knew we were born to be best friends. It was an instant click for both of us. Over the months of booking, planning, chatting, and getting ridiculously excited together, Ryan, Dani, and I became super close. The kind of close where I randomly FaceTime them just to say “HI HOW’S IT GOIN?!” because that’s my dream relationship with my clients. ;)

Ryan + Dani are some of the most passionately wild, deeply kind, and contagiously loving people I’ve ever met. I’m unbelievably thankful that they chose me + trusted me with their day.

Dani put so much time + effort into the littlest details of her day. She was born with a green thumb, and works in a greenhouse, so naturally she did all the florals + greenery for her own day. (GOALS?!?!)

As the three of us built our friendship, I heard more of their story. Including one little detail that left me in tears on their wedding day as I watched it unfold. Dani’s mom, her best friend, passed away only a couple of years ago to cancer. It was a painful, hard death and time for Dani + her family. So on her wedding day, even though her mom couldn’t be there, Dani incorporated little details of her: including her mom’s hat, which she set on a chair where her mother would’ve sat.

Their whole day was full of life, joy, and love. I laughed + cried so many times throughout the day. And even now, looking back through the photos, you can still feel every emotion.

Here’s to you, Ryan + Dani. Thank you for your love, trust, and friendship with me. I love you two more than I can say.