Ross + Sarah / by Evie Rupp

Ross + Sarah met at work. They described their relationship as a “real life Jim + Pam” and it’s the cutest thing to watch. They’re so kind and tender with each other. It’s so clear that they’re best friends.

I just love my couples so much.

I’ve been DYING to share this shoot from the minute we came up with this idea. Ross + Sarah happened to be on the coast of Amalfi, Italy, on their anniversary trip at the same time I was there. The minute we figured that out, an adventure was INSTANTLY planned.

I honestly don’t have the right words for this session. But I’ll just say this: these are the people and the shoots that just inspire me to BREATHE, the ones that make me feel alive to the depths of my soul.

It was rocky, windy, bright, midday sun, but we had the time of our lives out there on that boat.

I’d go back in two seconds flat. Who’s ready?!?!

Just out of curiosity…. would you be down to hop on a rocky boat, explore the coastline of Italy, pop some champagne, laugh, get sprayed with sea spray when you push the boat throttle all the way forward?? How about frolicking around a busy street in Italy in front of an even busier restaurant patio, maybe make out a little, maybe have half-dry beach hair? Yeah? Cool. Then you’re my kinda couple. ;)