My Top 5 Business books + podcasts / by Evie Rupp

One of my favorite things in the entire world is flooding my head with new information and knowledge. I LOVE learning. I’m a huge podcast junkie, a massive book lover, and don’t even get me started on audiobooks!

With all that being said (and with how much I talk about podcasts + books) I get asked daily which ones are my favorite. I’m always trying new ones and adding to my library, but here’s a small taste of my go-to’s.


Business podcasts:

  • Entrepreneur on Fire

    • Such a great podcast for ANY business owner. I’m so impressed by the diversity that John Lee Dumas brings onto the show, and I’m always learning something new from the incredible experts and kickass entrepreneurs, whether they’re even close to my niche or not!

  • The Goal Digger Podcast

    • Jenna Kutcher is amazing and has a great grasp on the girl boss life. She covers everything from photography to instagram to time management to burnout. One of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and one I still revisit today!

  • The Six Figure Photography Podcast

    • A really solid photography-specific podcast that covers everything from the actual art of the business to things like taxes, legalities, workflow, etc. Incredibly diverse and so much knowledge in there for the photographers out there!

  • The Influencer Podcast

    • Jules Solomon is absolutely incredible and I can’t recommend this podcast enough. This beautiful, powerful boss woman walks through every single angle of being an influencer, no matter which platform you’re on. Incredible information on there for photographers, bloggers, ANY small business owner interested in marketing, and so much more. This is one of my favorites for sure.

  • The GaryVee Audio Experience (warning: very bad language. There’s also a clean version in iTunes. Listen at your own discretion!)

    • GaryVee is one heck of a knowledgeable business genius. He has the mouth of a sailor, but his grasp on what it’s like to own a business, kick butt, and uplevel, expand, and scale that business with skill and minimal mistakes is unreal. I listen to his Insta lives, stories, and videos, watch his YouTube vlogs, and occasionally pop on to his podcast as well. If you can move past the language (or choose the clean version) you’ll get some solid kicks in the pants and mindset resets from this guy.


Business books:

  • The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

    • The mindset shift and self-evaluation Jeff offers in this book is fundamental. If you’re constantly feeling lost in your life’s purpose, your goals, and what you’re supposed to be doing or chasing in this life… or if you’re ready to be re-inspired about what you’re doing and why, READ. THIS. BOOK. I’ve read it three times in the last couple of years. Cover to cover on one travel day, and then cover to cover on the return flights. I’ve taken pages of notes from Jeff’s insane wisdom, and I highly recommend this as a foundational book for anyone who’s BREATHING. Not even entrepreneurs or business owners.

  • WTF?! - Willing to Fail by Brian Scudamore

    • Brian Scudamore inspires me daily. I’ve listened to several podcast interviews with him, as well as read his book. This book gives you a step by step walk through his journey of creating a multi-million dollar business hauling JUNK. How he stood out, how he made it work, and why the fear of failure is one of the biggest roadblocks you’ll ever experience in your life and business. A really solid book for mindset shifts in your business.

  • E-myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

    • Hands down a must-read for EVERY small business owner. I listened to this on audiobook (8.5 hours) in a week. I immediately re-started it to go through again. It’s a hefty book, diving DEEP into the nitty gritty of why SO MANY small business fail every single day. It was a really challenging listen at times. It hits your pride + challenges your mindset in every chapter, but that’s why I firmly believe it’s VITAL. If you listen to no other podcast or book from this entire blog post, please please please read or listen to this one.

  • Predictable Success by Les Mckeown

    • Full disclosure: I actually haven’t finished this book yet. I’m in the middle of it as I’m typing this. But it had to be on this list. It’s a solid kick in the pants for any small business owner, and especially those that are planning to expand to bring on a team in any aspect at any point. It’ll feel like Les is talking directly to you at times, and it’s the perfect feeling. I’ll update this blog post once I finish the book with my final assessment/description.

  • Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

    • If you’re ready to get the biggest and best slap in the face you could ever get as a business owner with big hopes + dreams, READ THIS. I’m a firm believer in filling my head with information, education, and ideas from people far ahead of me - the people who are crushing it in business, in marriage, in life, etc. This applies to my business education too. Grant is an incredible self-made multi-millionaire with an absolutely brilliant business mind. This book is all about mindset, and it’s one HECK of a good one. Grant will walk you through his journey as a kickass entrepreneur, and the secret he discovered to kicking down doors + charging into your goals with actual success. Incredibly well-written, with so much wisdom and energy you’ll walk away ready to take life by the horns.


And that’s it for now!!! I’m sure this will be just one blog post of many talking about the business books, podcasts, and interviews I love. I have so many it was really hard to narrow it down to just 5 each for this post. But if you guys are interested in even more, let me know and I’ll start making this a more regular thing!!

Also, if you listen to or read any of the podcasts or books mentioned here, LET ME KNOW!!!! I’d love to hear what you think!

Now go get ‘em, tiger!!!!

Believing in you big time,