| Alisha - Southern California adventure shoot | Montana De Oro State Park | Midwest, adventurous destination photographer / by Evie Rupp

wow, what a trip. 

Alisha + I met at school in NorCal last year. We were neighbors, just a fence hop away from the other's apartment. (Side note: we had detailed plans to build a rope ladder to climb that fence more easily. It never happened, which we still complain about today.)


Over Thanksgiving break, I was planning to stay in our school town, while Lish planned to drive home to San Luis Obispo. This sweet, kind, loving woman of God invited me back to her hometown, her home, and her family's Thanksgiving celebration.

While there we hit up Montana De Oro, a beautiful coastal state park that left us breathless as we adventured + explored together.


I'm forever thankful for this wonderful woman, her generous heart, and our many adventures together.